Dr. M. Azeem Farooqi

Religious Scholar | Academician | Researcher | Influencer


Dr. Muhammad Azeem Farooqi is a religious scholar, who has been the pioneer of Azeem Educational Conference, and presently, is helming as the Chairman of the organization. Besides his absolute finesse over religion, his dexterity extends to various other fields of academics as well; he holds more than 19 masters degrees in different fields including predominantly languages, communication sciences, history, computer sciences, law, business, special education and many other social sciences disciplines. He is a profound author who has penned down more than 30 books on variety of subjects ranging from ethical values, religious philosophies, mysticism to other educational themes, which have been published by renowned publishers. Being a dedicating educationist, he has been rendering his teaching services in various distinguished higher educational institutions of Pakistan for over 40 years. He is adept in research and has studied Naqshbandi Sufi thought in his Ph.D. dissertation. He has also published a number of research articles on different religious topics in various notable research journals of Pakistan. Furthermore, he has always been keen to amplify his vision and knowledge by seeking teaching, research and humanitarian cause. Through Azeem Educational Conference, he aspires to influence the youth to enhance their knowledge by providing them ample platforms for learning on formal and informal basis. Besides, he yearns to utilize his vision and educational prowess to inculcate the enthusiasm of research and education among the students by guiding and facilitating them in various training programs and special courses. His major mission is to promote social awareness, development and visionary expansion by employing creative, modern and innovative approaches for message dissemination. He also aims at encouraging and motivating the masses to learn and educate themselves via modern channels including social media, audio-visual communication, research journals, and art.


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